Trail Riding Instruction

Explore colorful Colorado on horseback, safely and comfortably with Leg Up Learning Solutions. This isn’t your typical dude ranch trail riding situation. You will ride one of our well-trained and responsive Icelandic horses and receive personalized instruction to make your trail riding experience a success. You will have the opportunity to ride in some of the most scenic locations on the Front Range and, as you progress in your abilities, you’ll be able to go on longer and more advanced rides.

We can create a wonderful, fun, and most of all safe trail riding experience for students of all ages and abilities. We do this by following these guidelines:

Services & Prices

Please contact us if you have a request that does not fall within our standard service offerings

Introductory Sessions

(required prior to taking lessons, including trail lessons)

30-minute youth introductory meeting

$40 (for first-time students under age 15 only)

Students ages 8 and up with prior horse experience may choose a 60-minute intro session instead.

60-minute meeting and evaluation

$50 (for adults, and children over 8 who have prior horse experience)

Youth Trail Riding lessons: Private

30-minute youth Trail lesson


60-minute youth Trail lesson


Trail Riding Instruction (Maximum 2 people)

75-minute trail lesson

$80 for one person
$65 each for 2 people

90-minute trail lesson:

$100 for one person 
$80 each for 2 people

120-minute advanced trail lesson

$115 for one person
$100 each for 2 people

3-hour off-site advanced trail lesson

$150 for one person
$125 each for 2 people