Galloping across a lush green field with a horse who gives you wings.

Ascending to over 10,000 feet with a partner who makes you feel weightless.

Crossing bridges and rivers to explore parts unknown with a friend who sees your soul.

These experiences are just some of the reasons we love horses, but you can’t achieve them without a solid foundation of mounted and unmounted skills.

Contrary to popular belief, riding horses is more than sitting. A rider is a working partner with her horse; not a passive passenger. Equestrian sports require physical strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, and body awareness – on the part of horse and rider.

At Leg Up Learning Solutions we are committed to teaching the foundations of horsemanship and equitation to encourage lifelong riders who are skilled and compassionate partners with their horses.

We specialize in teaching children, beginner adults, and returning adults who have had a significant gap in their riding experience. Our horses are perfectly suited for riders of all skill levels and provide just the right amount of challenge to increase confidence and encourage advancement.

We begin on the ground with every new student and progress to age-appropriate mounted activities. With more experienced riders, we can venture outside the arena on trail rides and other outings.

Currently all three of our horses are Icelandic: a unique and talented breed, whose personalities we (and our students) love.

Meet the horses and contact us to book your first riding lesson.

Services & Prices

Please contact us if you have a request that does not fall within our standard service offerings

Introductory Sessions

(required prior to taking lessons)

30-minute youth introductory meeting

$40 (for first-time students under age 15 only)

Students ages 8 and up with prior horse experience may choose a 60-minute intro session instead.

60-minute meeting and evaluation

$50 (for all adults, and children over 8 who have prior horse experience and want a longer intro session)

Riding Lessons for one, two, or three people

30-minute youth lesson

$45 per person

60-minute youth lesson

$75 per person

60-minute standard lesson

$60 per person

80-minute advanced lesson:

$75 per person

90-minute independent study

$50 per person