Leg Up Learning Solutions provides Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) sessions for individuals, groups, couples, families, and professional teams. Through our work with horses, you can achieve a wide variety of learning objectives and outcomes.

Equine Facilitated Learning is a new and emerging field that utilizes the unique nature of the human-horse relationship to further education and growth on the part of participants, through the help of both human and equine facilitators.

Since EFL is a relatively unknown practice, you might have questions about how it can benefit you or your team. We’ve tried to answer some of these questions below and we’re always happy to have a conversation.

general frequently asked questions

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a practice that pairs humans and horses in partnership for experiential learning. Through any number of activities, or no activity at all, participants will explore their experiences and the meaning they make from them.

Equine Facilitated Learning is not “horse therapy.” It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illnesses. It is, however, designed to allow participants to explore and learn through being open to experiencing the present moment with the help of human and horse facilitators.

Anyone who has a desire to learn, experience, and grow can benefit from participating in Equine Facilitated Learning. At Leg Up Learning Solutions, we specialize in working with individuals and teams who want to improve their communication skills, leadership skills, conflict resolution skills, team building, and team cohesion. 

The learning possibilities are endless! In fact, EFL can help individuals learn and grow in any way they can imagine.

  • Discovering your communication style
  • Gaining confidence​
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Increasing empathy
  • Becoming a better, more clear, and decisive communicator
  • ​Building trust between team members
  • Improving present-moment focus and mindfulness skills
  • Learning to recognize emotions in self and others, as well as ways to regulate them
  • And much more!

No, EFL is primarily ground-based and does not typically include mounted activities. Instead, Equine Facilitated Learning activities often include: 

  • Observing the herd
  • Joining the herd
  • Round-pen activities
  • Interacting with horses “at liberty” (horses free in a large open space)
  • Grooming horses
  • Leading horses
  • Putting a halter on a horse
  • Games and obstacles courses

It’s important to remember that EFL is not about any specific activity. It’s about the interaction between participants and the human and equine facilitators, and the lessons that can be learned as the experience unfolds.

Equine Facilitated Learning for Individuals

Services & Pricing

Individual Sessions

60-minute: $150
90-minute: $200

2-3 Person Sessions

60-minute: $100/per person
90-minute: $125/person
120-minute: $150/person

 We also reserve a number of slots for under-resourced populations such as Black, indigenous, people of color,  and LGBTQA+ individuals, professionals, and business owners. Contact us for details.

Please contact us if you have a request that does not fall within our standard service offerings. This includes longer sessions, more than 3 participants, or other specific needs.

Equine Facilitated Learning for Groups (of 4+ people)

Services & Pricing

one-time group sessions

60-minute: $50/person
90-minute: $75/person
120-minute: $100/person

package groups sessions

60-minute: $40/person (4+ sessions)
90-minute: $60/person (4+ sessions)
120-minute: $75/person (4+ sessions)

We offer groups for a variety of special interests and needs. 

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